How to motivate you to do tasks you do not like?


Whether for work, college or housework, we all have lists of pending things to do. Even many of them are not to our liking but still we must carry them out. How can you trick your body to perform these tasks you do not like?

Studying for a very difficult exam, prepare a meeting for certain customers, think the weekly menu … there are many tasks we do not like to do. The truth is that there are little tricks to deceive and achieve greater motivation to perform them successfully. Would you like to know which ones are they?

The secret is in the reward. You do something you do not like, but you know that something good will happen next. That way your brain will associate these tasks and not so pleasing to something rewarding.


If once you end up with this list of duties you get recharge your brain and your body in some way, you’ll have more desire to meet another list the next day. Not necessarily you should assign your reward after finishing the whole list. You can share tasks and rewards throughout the day.

Meditate for 20 minutes can be a way, or use your lunch hour to take a walk. You can even make 5 to 10 minutes of stretching exercises in your office. Also, just talk to a partner about issues outside work. If you like coffee or tea, you can go to the kitchen and drink something you like.


All tasks can be more pleasant if you put some of your creativity. How? You can make your presentation more entertaining power point, with images and colours to help you entertained while you are doing. You will benefit not only you but also your team-mates when the expose.

In turn, if you must inform your work for you can opt for really interesting and fun websites, which have other news of interest. You make something but at the same time you like. On the other hand if you have to coordinate a working meeting you can do so in a picturesque location.


Many tasks you have to do are completely mechanical, such as checking mails, sort folders, which can be eternal and cumbersome. But you can repay you doing while a hobby. For example you can listen to your favourite music again, or tell a friend to visit you in the office to talk while you do your homework. You can even arrange for lunch with some family somewhere that has Wi-Fi so you can eat and have fun while you work.

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